Hi, I’m Betsy


My name is Betsy Summers. I’m from North Carolina, in the USA. I’ve lived in St. Thomas, New York, London, Washington, D.C., and now in L.A. I’ve had a bunch of adventures, from sailing tall ships to music directing theater.

Amidst all the fun and adventure, something snapped and I got scared. It was as if a voice inside my head told me to “grow up,” that I could never survive doing these crazy things; I should get a job with a salary and benefits and climb the corporate ladder.

So that’s what I did - I followed a “should,” stopped doing the unique and weird things that brought me joy and settled into a beige-colored routine of office work and commutes. I did well, but I wasn’t happy. Even when I got more money and more responsibility, I didn’t get the satisfaction that I thought those achievements would bring. I wanted something… different.

When I released all those shackles of what I thought I “should do,” reconnected to my intuition, and embraced the life I really wanted, the haze lifted, the burden was gone. I felt like a different person. I realized I was perfect, just as I am, and when I realized that, I could become even better.

And I am the same person. I just got rid of all the limiting beliefs that held me back from true passion and joy. The fear still comes up, especially when I’m about to take another step into something new, but now I know what to do with that fear.

Want to know a secret? I did a lot of my work with a coach. So I am living proof that coaching is an amazing tool that WORKS.

YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, REALLY. You can have a life that truly inspires you. And damn, it’ll feel GREAT.

So what are you waiting for?